About MetaMeets


What is MetaMeets?
MetaMeets is an annual European 3D Internet Conference for developers and users of virtual environments. MetaMeets was established in 2008 by Ze Moo and JoJa Dhara aka Jolanda Mastenbroek-Dobber.

Who should come to MetaMeets?
If you are seeking new contacts and information about virtual environments, MetaMeets is for you. MetaMeets combines entertainment, information, digital technology, and networking so that savvy participants learn more while enjoying themselves and becoming more inspired.

What does MetaMeets include?
MetaMeets offers presentations, discussions, and networking activities. Presentations cover virtual environments and examples of their successful applications. The audience can interact with representatives from organizations that provide and use these environments.

When is MetaMeets?
MetaMeets is planned every year in May in a different city. MetaMeets first meeting was in 2008 and 2009 in Amsterdam. MetaMeets 2010 was in Dublin, Ireland. MetaMeets, 2011 in Amsterdam and 2012 in Den Bosch.
Also there are meetings during the year called “MetaMeets in between”. This is virtually or in small conferences in reallife.

MetaMeets 2014 small meeting will be on the 8th of february in FabLab Dronten

Visit our website www.metameets.com for the previous conference


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